Gaza & Israel: Statement from Writing on the Wall

Statement from Writing on the Wall on the crisis in Gaza and Israel

Writing on the Wall believes that the arts have a responsibility to promote freedom, social justice, equality and human rights for all people. The aim of much of our creative work with diverse communities over many years has been to enable marginalised communities to express themselves.

We condemn the brutal attack by Hamas on Israeli citizens, we believe the hostages should be released, and we are opposed to all forms of antisemitism and all forms of racism. Any country has the right to defend itself, but the wholly disproportionate response by the Israeli state, and the resultant destruction, devastation and displacement of Palestinian lives is a collective punishment and breaches international law. The 6000 bombs dropped in six days against a defenceless population, the planned ground invasion, and the genocidal language being used by the Israeli state, are horrific, more so considering how many children and vulnerable people live in Gaza. This is in addition to the ongoing repression of the Palestinian people and the trauma inflicted upon them over many years of occupation.

We have worked with and hosted writers, artists, project participants and audiences from all communities; the impact upon them of the current racist and antisemitic abuse and attacks we have seen taking place around the world is sickening.

As bad as the situation is, this could be an opportunity for a peaceful way forward. Yet the instability in the region and the fear and anxiety of both populations will only increase, with no end in sight unless a stand is taken against it. Governments must stop sending billions of pounds worth of arms to the Israeli state that are used to oppress and incarcerate the Palestinian people, and world ‘leaders’ should stand up for the human rights of the Palestinian people.

We call upon all writers, artists and arts and cultural organisations to make their voices heard in denouncing the starvation of resources, the forced displacement of the Palestinian population Gaza, and the continued bombing and planned ground invasion of Gaza by the Israeli state forces. We call for a peaceful settlement to put a halt to the current crisis, and for a solution to be found that guarantees the human rights for all people in the region.

Mike Morris & Madeline Heneghan, Co-Directors, Writing on the Wall.

Photographs: Copyright 2023 The Associated Press All rights reserved, Mahmud Hams/AFP via Getty Images