Lock and Key

About Lock and Key

To celebrate our 21st anniversary, Writing on the Wall commissioned four up-and-coming artists from Liverpool to showcase their creative talent. Jay Behrouzi-Sneade, multimedia journalist and producer, created Lock and Key, an independent podcast which features writers who took part in WoW’s various courses and workshops. In these brilliant podcasts, the writers share their poems and short stories written over lockdown when creativity could run wild and tell the stories that inspired them. You can find a new episode of Lock and Key on WoW’s website every Wednesday. Scroll down to find more information about the latest episode!

Lock and Key is available to listen to on: Anchor, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

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About The Pieces

Dawn Mills

Dawn explores life in lockdown with a piece written just after the first one in the UK was announced in 2020. It's a Lockdown is inspired by the events at the time that lead to empty supermarket shelves, people worrying about their next meal and the eventually proven suspicion that while this was all the happening, those in power were breaking their own rules.

To read more from Dawn Mills, please see our books Time to Breathe and No Offence

Garnett 'Ratte' Frost

Ratte relives coming out to his father as a trans man. Inkscape, inspired by the different versions of the letters he wrote to his dad, touches on the fears and anxieties that come with sharing your true self to loved ones, the risk of rejection and the importance of acceptance.

To read more from Garnett 'Ratte' Frost, please see our books Write Minds, Moving Foreward and TranScripts

Janet Baker

Janet writes about how lockdown 'clipped her wings' when she struggled with her creativity. Despite this, she ended up writing and drawing non-stop. She shares a short piece along with a surprise bonus. We met on a sunny day at St. John's Gardens in Liverpool; the weather was too good to waste indoors so please forgive the noisy buses rushing by behind us.

To read more from Janet Baker, please see our books Kaleidoscope and Moving Foreward


Hannah Eynon

Hannah Eynon writes about conflict and its survivors finding comfort in each other. While Cosbie is a poem named after a dog, it explores the trauma his family endured caused by war - something Hannah resonates with having grown up in Northern Ireland.

To read more from Hannah Eynon, please see our books Write Minds, Time to Breathe and It's Not OK.

Heidi Robinson

Heidi is a writer, music producer, filmmaker and actress. In My Cats she pays tribute to her cat Coco who passed away in December 2021. It is a light-hearted poem about the joys of having feline friends.

Heidi Robinsonhas also directed and produced the short film, A Digital Present from a Stranger 2022.

Aaron Murdoch

Aaron opens up about his mental health over lockdown and how turning his dark thoughts into poetry kept him going.