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Ten exciting new writers challenging what we think we know.

TranScripts was an exciting 8-week creative writing course for people in Liverpool who identify as trans* or non-binary gender, delivered in partnership with Writing on the Wall and Liverpool Mental Health Consortium, led by Marjorie H Morgan.

All of these fantastic writers wanted to improve their writing, address issues of importance to them, speak their truths and share their stories. They have achieved this in ways which have caused us all to laugh, cry, gasp, wince and applaud wildly! It has been a project that we’re very proud of indeed.

–Sarah Butler-Boycott, Public Engagement & Research Lead and Claire Stevens, Development and Opportunities Lead, at Liverpool Mental Health Consortium

Detailed in these pages are sweeping real-life experiences, captivating fictional worlds, harmonious poetic musings and eye-opening thought-experiments of an inspiring group of writers. Having this book in your hands means you are, without a doubt, in for a treat. You’re about to witness debut work from a collection of exciting writers. It fills me with a joyous ‘I-know-something-you- don’t-know’ feeling, because I’ve seen this work. It’s simply stunning.

– Ciarán Hodgers, Project Manager, Writing on the Wall

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