One to Ones with Writer on the Bloc Ciarán Hodgers

On a first come, first serve basis you can sign up for exclusive 1-2-1 workshops with our Writer on the Bloc resident. During a 30-minute session you will have the opportunity to share your work with Ciarán as well creative ideas and strategies with an acclaimed writer and spoken word performer.


WoW Guidelines:

  • Work must be submitted in a word or PDF format
  • You MUST submit work to us by 9am the day BEFORE your allotted session (the earlier the better)
  • Work submitted after this deadline will not be accepted
  • Staff working times are between 9am – 5pm
Ciarán says:

“I’m looking forward to reading your work and getting to meet you. Primarily, I’m a poet and so I’m most comfortable reading/watching/listening to poetry in either written, audio or video format.

I’ll be offering close reading and more general feedback on poetry, if there is anything in particular you’re interested in hearing about, please do make a note in your submission to guide my feedback.

I’ll be accepting 3 A4 pages of poetry max (no upper line length)

You may substitute one page of written poetry for an audio or video clip. This can be a recording of the same poem you’re submitting for feedback, or a different piece if you want feedback on performance aspects of your work.

Recordings should be no longer than 3-minutes max and if possible be sent via YouTube/Soundcloud or other weblinks rather than files.” We will not accept work that does adhere to the above guidelines.


The Writer’s Bloc: Community and Creativity, is Writing on the Wall’s online writing centre – a virtual centre dedicated to writing in all its forms across the Liverpool City Region.

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