with Jason Hook

CASTLE BARMY tells the story of King Boris and Doom the Magician, who lock up the kingdom’s children to protect them from a poisonous dragon. But upon discovering that Doom has broken lockdown to count his gold and enjoy a lavish picnic at Castle Barmy, the children escape to create a land where nature thrives, families spend time together and magicians must behave as they tell children to behave.

  • A medieval morality tale with a modern message for children and parents
    • An uplifting picture book for the lockdown generation
    • The perfect family talking point for 2021

This is a bedtime story to share between children who have experienced the highs and lows of lockdown, and parents who have found their way through the crisis while rediscovering the joy of family and the inspiration of the natural world. For the children, there are dragons, knights, castles and princesses. For the adults, there is the satire and the knowledge of what the poisonous dragon represents. Beautifully illustrated by Kate Chesterton, this is a Pied Piper for the modern age.


Jason Hook’s bestselling Where’s the Dragon?, was illustrated by his late father Richard Hook. More recently, he wrote Wendy and the Wallpaper Cat for V&A Publishing, which became a V&A show, and his animal poetry appeared in The Forest Folk, The Marine Team and The Sky Guys, published by MIBO / Button Books. His first novel, Isabella Mawtle’s Immortal Vanishing Cream, for readers aged 8+, is as yet unpublished, and he’s writing a second YA novel and a number of picture books.