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Over ten years ago, Wally Brown sat down with a pen and paper to begin writing his memoirs – anything that he could remember of his life for the sake of his children and grandchildren so that they may know what life was like from his earliest years in Liverpool 8, years in industry, his time as a community youth worker, his role in facilitating communication between the police and uprisers during 1981 until his retirement from Principal of Liverpool Community College.

‘This is a story about one man and his family – Wally Brown, born and raised in Liverpool 8. It’s a story about humble origins, early education, family life…and how he rose to the pinnacle of his professional success.’

– Professor Stephen Small, UC Berkley

As a surprise for his 80th birthday, Wally’s daughter Alison commissioned WoW to publish and print his book in full. Here is the second, revised edition of Wally Brown: A Life capturing in vivid detail a snapshot of life in 1960’s Liverpool 8, the realities of working in industry, his influence and tireless commitment to his local community, and his leadership of Liverpool Community College from its creation in 1992 until 2008.

Wally Brown holding book

‘Aim for the sky,

If you don’t quite make it,

You will still have done well.’

Wally Brown


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