Sick Mick

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Sick Mick is the laugh-out-loud funny, debut satirical novel from acclaimed journalist Brian Reade.

A much-loved member of the Royal Family sinks into a coma after being struck on the head by a stray pergola beam at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Two hundred miles away in Liverpool, as Britain reels and the national media goes into morbid overdrive, comedian Mick O’Shea cracks a series of gags at the Royal’s expense. In the face of hyped-up public outrage, Mick finds himself on the end of a media lynching and a police manhunt as he becomes Public Enemy Number One.

Sick Mick is a darkly humorous tale about a man caught in the culture wars crossfire. Mick’s quest for redemption takes him on a rollercoaster of absurdity involving a high-speed dash in a Beatles Magical Mystery Tour taxi, a Dog Day Afternoon tribute act and drama in a Harley Street erectile dysfunction clinic.


Brian Reade, long-time friend of Writing on the Wall, is an award-winning journalist who writes for the Daily Mirror and former British Press Awards Columnist, Sports Columnist and Feature Writer of the Year and winner of the Cudlipp Award for Journalistic Excellence for his campaigning on behalf of the Hillsborough families. Brian’s non-fiction books include: 44 Years With The Same Bird, documenting his life spent following Liverpool FC, the bestseller An Epic Swindle: 44 Months with a Pair of Cowboys, which charted the doomed ownership of Liverpool FC by Hicks and Gillett, and Diamonds in the Mud, tells the stories of working-class heroes Brian has met through life and journalism. Sick Mick, published by Writing on the Wall, is Brian’s debut fiction novel. 


Sick Mick releases on Tuesday 28th May as part of WoWFEST: FAHRENHEIT 2024.

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