Pulp Idol – Firsts 2023


Pulp Idol – Firsts 2023!

Champion – Addae G

Runners Up – Chandana Das & Lee Stevenson

Finalists – Rachel Backland, Angela Cheveau, Patrick Graham, Matt Holland, Helen Jones, Phil Jones, Alisha Osman, Susan Stout & Amy Watkins.

Writing on the Wall proudly present the first chapter debuts of our 2023 Pulp Idol Champions!

Pulp Idol is a novel writing competition run by Liverpool’s longest-running writing and literary organisation, Writing on the Wall. Many new novelists have found their first success with Pulp Idol. Most recently Philippa Holloway with The Half-Life of Snails and Ashleigh Nugent with LOCKS. Other published Pulp Idol finalists include James Rice (Alice and the Fly, Walk), Ariel Khan (Raising Sparks), PJ Smith (Algorithm Party), and Clare Coombes (Definitions, We Are of Dust). 


‘This competition continues to discover and showcase the very best emerging talent from the area, and to nurture and encourage diverse voices. This year’s finalists are proof of the amazing voices waiting to be heard by a wider audience.’

Philippa Holloway, 2023 Grand Final Judge, Author, and Lecturer.


‘Pulp Idol finds amazing writing talent and kickstarts careers for writers from all backgrounds. This is such an exciting collection that literary agents, publishers, and readers will love!’

Clare Coombes, 2023 Grand Final Judge, Author, and Founder of the Liverpool Literary Agency


Uncover the best new writers in Liverpool in this anthology! 

Join us for the launch in WoWFEST: Class of ’23! 
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