Showcase Event with Chris Fittock

Audio Plays with Chris Fittock: Introducing Liam Brayd & Pauline Cummins.

Digital Release Coming Soon!

The Cellar by Liam Brayd

“Who knew of such as reason”?

The Cellar does not spoon feed the listener and responsibility for interpretation is firmly handed over. If the piece presents anything at all tangible, it is loosely the modern world and it’s media, the internet, our obsession with it and its intrusion into our privacy and relationships and it’s demand that we all comply. The listener is invited to engage with the human ‘experience’ portrayed. A voice from the 'outside' demands access to that that those 'inside' are afraid to reveal. The audience are left with the entire responsibility for any 'laughing' or ‘crying’ they do, but must react quickly, as it could all end abruptly with the loud and final ‘scratch’ of a gramophone needle.

Connected by Pauline Cummins

Connected tells of a world in which human beings are disconnected from nature, the animal kingdom and each other.

Nature is rebelling against man’s disregard, fires and storms now rage.

Hope lies in man ability to re-connect with each other and to all life, no one must be left behind.

Meet the Writers!

Liam Brayd is a Liverpool poet, playwright and long standing member of the Merseyside arts community. Liam ran the avant-garde Little Bohemia ‘cabarart’ events at Liverpool’s Pilgrim pub in the ‘90’s and was instrumental in establishing Liverpool’s first poetry festival in October ’99. A published poet, Liam produces pamphlet collections of his poetry and short stories, as well as poetry videos on his you-tube channel, Little Bohemia Poetry Jukebox.

Pauline Cummins is an emerging writer in Liverpool. Pauline began writing for the first-time in 2020 during a short course facilitated by Writing on the Wall. You can read more of her poems and short stories in the Reflections anthology published by Writing on the Wall (2019). Pauline will also be featured in a WoW latest release Lifelines released in March 2022. Available in News From Nowhere.