WoWFEST has activism at its heart. Born out of the Dockers’ Strike in 2000, our festival is Liverpool’s longest running literary festival. Our month-long programme in May combines writing, ideas and debate, with positive action, bringing communities together to explore local and global issues. From multi-award-winning writers to community activists, WoWFEST is the place to be inspired, challenged and mobilised. Check out our NEW programme now.

21 Years of WoW

A Note from the Co-Directors

Madeline Heneghan and Mike Morris

This year we celebrate our 21st year of WOWFEST. 21 years. 21. That’s not just a number.

WoWFest: 21 Years of Radical Writing is a celebration of all we stand for and all we continually strive to achieve, with a roster of brilliant high-profile guests, including leading, iconic film makers, Booker Prize winners, legendary legal campaigners, musicians, spoken word artists, campaigners, activists and local writers and artists.

For 21 years Writing on the Wall has stayed true to our origins, giving a platform to working class writing and promoting social justice. We have extended our reach across the region and internationally. Our work has transformed lives through promoting diversity, equality and inclusion; published countless new authors and discovered lost voices; campaigned against racism, sexism, discrimination and inequality in all its forms

We have continuously pushed local, national and international issues in their fight for justice and inspired local communities through creativity to address mental health, domestic abuse, women’s rights, refugees and asylum seekers, LGBTQIA+ issues, Trans rights and much, much more.

Join Writing on the Wall to celebrate 21 Years of Radical Writing – see that 21 years is not just a number. It's what we have achieved, what we are achieving and what we will go on to achieve.

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