with Sally-Anne Tapias-Bowes

Join Sally-Anne Tapias-Bowes for a reading from her new children’s book, The Bear that Holly Left Behind; a not only a story about change, but a celebration of the many diverse families that exist in our beautiful world.


Sally-Anne is an English teacher at a Liverpool secondary school; she is also a past director of an independent bookshop and a past Principal Examiner for G.C.S.E. Literature. A lover of many genres, she writes fiction for both children and adults.


As a children’s author, she likes to both entertain and uplift the mood of her readers. Her latest book, The Bear that Holly Left Behind, is not only a story about change, it is a celebration of the many diverse families that exist in our beautiful world.

As a fan of skilfully written and often emotional reads, Sally-Anne is as interested in the author’s craft as she is in the story itself. Her psychological thrillers, set locally in the North-West, favour character-driven plots which aim to unsettle readers by exploring the complexity of human behaviour and examining how environments shape and affect criminal minds.


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Illustrated by Sam Harris, a freelance illustrator and designer from Liverpool, England. His work is often comically inclined, featuring a combination of bold colour and texture with digital and hand-rendered elements. As well as illustrating children’s books, Sam has also created work for clients such as The International Slavery Museum, David Crow, Craig Oldham, The Women’s Netball World Cup and Stiles Magazine.


You can find Sam’s work at or @samharrisillustration

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