Naomi & Natalie Evans

Naomi and Natalie are sisters who live in Margate, Kent. Naomi is mother to two boys and Head of Drama at a large secondary school. She has worked in education for over 15 years and is also a trained presenter. Natalie is a 31-year-old events manager. After completing her degree in Event Management, she has managed various festivals, tours and events in the UK.

Naomi and Natalie are both of Black Jamaican and White British heritage. In May 2020 a video of Natalie went viral on twitter when she confronted two men racially abusing a ticket conductor. They decided to set up an anti-racism platform on Instagram @everydayracism_ which has over 190k followers. The page shares stories from BIPOC and educational posts focusing on how to be anti-racist. They have been published in various publications including Red magazine and featured in the I newspaper.