Natalie Denny

Natalie Denny is the force behind Skywriters. Her roles include writer, activist and Programme Manager for Anthony Walker Foundation. 

Natalie is chair of The Period Project Merseyside, a voluntary led initiative providing women and people who have periods with menstrual items and campaigning to #endperiodpoverty and, Merseyside Together Against Racism and Fascism, an umbrella organisation of anti-racist and anti-fascist groups and individuals.  

Natalie is also a co-founder of The Goddess Projects, an organisation with the mission to empower, inspire and assist Black women and women of colour to develop and achieve in their communities.  

Originally youth and community work trained, Natalie has held positions in Liverpool Youth Service and Youth Offending Service. She is a trained Education and Training facilitator and a former Education and Training lead for the Anthony Walker Foundation. Her role in Brook Young People as Education and Wellbeing Manager seen her manage seven education teams across the country.  Natalie has also previously worked in the NHS managing an eating disorder team for children and adults across the mid Mersey area.  

Natalie graduated from The Open University with a open degree which incorporated creative writing. She also was runner up in Writing on the Wall’s ‘Pulp Idol’ 2019 competition and is the author of children’s book “Her Hair: A Crown”, a resource developed in partnership with Manchester University, Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Centre and Cedar Mount Girls group, in order to diversify the curriculum.   

This year Natalie has exhibited her poetry at Output gallery and is in the process of completing her YA novel, “The Girl with the Words”.  She has also contributed articles on mental health and racism to Rattle Magazine, been published in ROOT-ed Zine, and has an upcoming article on Liverpool Black women activists being published with Black Ballad in December.