Our Writer on the Bloc will deliver a number of group workshops focussing on their areas of expertise. These sessions get participants writing, sharing and exploring new skills, all guided by our expert writer. You can sign up for free via the links below!


Workshop 1 – Creating Fiction
19th July 2021 – 6pm

Creating fiction from lived experience. In this workshop, we’ll be exploring the relationship between fact and fiction, and how to take inspiration from real-life events or lived experiences when creating fiction. How can we use our creative outlets to process the events of our own lives or the world around us?

This workshop will be delivered via Zoom


Workshop 2 – Writing Flash Fiction
27th July 2021 – 6pm

Flash fiction has been described as literary photographs, and in the age of social media, these short stories, which contain fewer than 400 words, can be shared easily with a wide audience. But how do we create a story in so few words? Can a 100-word story have a similar effect to a short story or a novel?

This workshop will be delivered via Zoom