We need to talk! Our Bloc Socials are a space for us to come together and explore questions or ideas posed by our Writer on the Bloc. An informal social space, in these sessions you get to share your opinions and experiences with us and the Bloc’s community of writers. 

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Bloc Social 1 – Why Do We Write?
Wednesday 11th August- 10am

Why Do We Write? For children and responsible adults – Key Stage 2 & Secondary (8+)

Supporting young people using writing for a variety of purposes – for example, to help with challenging emotions (sadness, anger, fear) and also talking about writing with a specific reader or audience in mind… two very different things!  Appropriate for all experience levels who want to get great meaning from their writing.


Bloc Social 2 – What Can We Create Together?
Tuesday 24th August – 10am

Parent & child social- this Bloc Social is a family activity where different generations are encouraged to share their interests and find mutual passions through which art can be made together!