We need to talk! Our Bloc Socials are a space for us to come together and explore questions or ideas posed by our Writer on the Bloc. An informal social space, in these sessions you get to share your opinions and experiences with us and the Bloc’s community of writers. 

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Bloc Social 1 – Why do we write?
14th July 2021 – 6pm

Why do we write? Exploring the reasons behind our desire to write, and gauging how important it is- if at all- that we know that. Are we trying to immortalise ourselves? Using fiction as therapy? Do we feel a desire to connect with the wider community creatively? Or do we simply have a story to tell? Why do we write- and does it matter?


Bloc Social 2 – Sense of Place in Writing
21st July 2021 – 6pm

Sense of place in writing- how to create a space with words. We know the importance of building characters and plotting creative projects and making sure they are well-documented, but what about creating a sense of place and location? How do we go about capturing the atmosphere of a particular location, or to create a whole new imagined space within our work?