WoWFest22: Future Imperfect

What happens to dreams are they when buried under the rubble of Ukraine, Yemen and Syria, smouldering in the burning forests of California or drowning in floods that eat away at islands across the Caribbean. For many, whether living in a war zone, displaced from their homes, battling with global warming, choosing between heating or eating, or facing entrenched discrimination, the present is already a nightmare. What does the future hold for us all? Can we find a new utopia amidst the global dystopian scenes that pour daily from our screens? For those of us who still can, this is the time to dream, to imagine an equitable and sustainable world for ourselves and the next generation. This is not an indulgence but a life-or-death necessity. WoWFEST offers FUTURE IMPERFECT as a space to explore world changing ideas, and to offer hope through creativity and community. It’s time to challenge the current failing political and social models, to go beyond enduring, to living full and meaningful lives. It’s time to press the reset button!

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