Pulp Idol 2024 Champion!

Pulp Idol 2024 Champion Announced! 

We had an incredible Pulp Idol 2024 Grand Final at Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre Studio on Thursday 18th January.  

With a record number of 105 submissions this year, the talent from our 12 finalists was incredible. A special thank you to our esteemed judges – Yvonne Battle-Felton, Ashleigh Nugent and Kevin Duffy – who had the impossible task of selecting this year’s champion and runners up out of an outstanding line-up of writers.  

Mike Morris, Co-Director of Writing on the Wall and Pulp Idol Founder, stated: 

“For novel writers, there is no better opportunity across the UK to get direct access to agents and publishers than Writing on the Wall’s Pulp Idol novel writing competition. Our 2024 final, with twelve writers who rose through the heats, was a great representation of the outstanding talent across the Liverpool City Region. Congratulations to the judge’s unanimous winner Kevin Chadwick, and runners up, Dan Howarth and Mack Young. But in Pulp Idol, all the finalists are winners, are we congratulate them all on their hard work and talent – we are looking forward to seeing their first chapters published in Pulp Idol – Firsts 2024.” 

Huge congratulations to our winner, runners up, and all our finalists. We look forward to the book launch of Pulp Idol First in May! 

Pulp Idol 2024 Champion 

Kevin ChadwickMy Next Life 

Runners Up 

Dan HowarthLionhearts 

Mack YoungThe Old Main Drag 


Edward Gray – The Fool, The Troll and The Head Sherang of the Whole Shebang 

Tavia Panton – Below and Beyond the Surface 

Victoria Stewart – At The Laurels 

Keith Fielding – The Walkie Man 

Emily Cross – The Starlight Express 

Beth Noonan-Roberts – Before it all began again 

Patrick Browne – Stay Mum 

Michael Inniss – The Cascadura Legend

Rachel Waltemeyer-Abraham – The Last Chippy