Mersey Sounds on BBC Radio 4!

WoW’s co-directors Madeline and Mike were featured on Radio 4 last week discussing the history of megaphones and WoW’s 2021 Speakers Podium project Mersey Sounds with Poet Paul Farley on his show ‘Blasts from the Megaphone’!


Mersey Sounds, a partnership between WoW and Architect Daniel Smith, is a multimedia art installation celebrating the voices of Liverpool through sound, design and storytelling. Paying homage to Arthur Dooley and his original Speaker’s Podium (1973-1990), Mersey Sounds recreated this important lost feature of Liverpool’s waterfront.

Original Speaker’s Podium (1973-1990)

Simple yet strong, the 12.5-meter structure of steel columns and beams finds at its heart a giant handmade copper megaphone to reflect Liverpool’s tradition as a democratic city and the need to share our voices and stories.

Mersey Sounds features a 60-minute soundscape, sharing both the voices of Liverpool’s past as well as the very present stories of those who make up the modern tapestry of our city. Featuring conversations and literary works from Irish Travellers, African Seamen, the LGBTQI+ community and other local people from across Merseyside, including contributions from our Chinese and Yemeni communities.

Listen to the full soundscape here.

WoW · Mersey Sounds – Soundscape


Stay tuned for more activities around Mersey Sounds later this year!