LGBT+ History Month 2024

What’s Your World Pride Story?

What's your world pride story?

To celebrate LGBT+ History Month 2024 and International Book Giving Day, Writing on the Wall are releasing a digital version of our What’s Your World Pride Story? to download for FREE. 

February is also home to International Book Giving Day on 14th February every year. International Book Giving Day is a day to do exactly what is says on the tin – give books! This holiday is celebrated by book lovers all over the world to share their love of reading.

In 2017, WoW and Liverpool Pride worked in partnership with writers from the LGBT+ community to create an anthology of work that marks the injustices people face here in the UK and internationally.  

The news has been littered with snapshots from Orlando, harrowing news from Chechnya, the UK’s messy breakup with the EU and our governments affair with a political party which denies basic rights to the gay community.  

All this coming not long after Uganda’s very public battle to make homosexuality punishable by death, yet somehow we appear to forget all too quickly the legacies of activists such as David Kato and the rights they sacrificed their lives for.  

Over eight weeks the groups worked together, led by course leader Helen Sandler to create a supportive and collaborative space that empowered writers from Liverpool and the world to share their stories of fear, determination, laughter resilience and love.  

Published in 2017, What’s Your World Pride Story? quickly sold out, but we think the stories and poems in this book are too significant to be forgotten so the entire book is now free to download and read!  

Click here to read, or download, What’s Your World Pride Story? for free!

Share with your friends, family and communities these inspirational and heart wrenching stories from the LGBTQIA+ community.  


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