81′ Uprisings

During the spring and summer of 1981, inner-city communities across the UK rose up against police racism and brutality, Thatcherism and unemployment. Mindless violence and destruction are the words we most readily used in the mainstream press to describe these events. But they were profoundly political acts with high levels of the organisation. These vital moments in British history still resonate today 40 years on, in a year marked by Black Lives Matter Protest, racist violence and the disproportionate impact of Covid 19 on black and Asian communities. These events contain important lessons for a new layer of black and anti-racist activists today.


Linton Kwesi Johnson – Mekkin History | Time Come


Smalltalks with Professor Stephen Small

In advance of the anniversary of the uprisings in Liverpool 8, which began on the 3rd of July, Writing on the Wall are proud to present a series of blog posts written by Professor Stephen Small of Berkeley University. Stephen is a native son of Liverpool. Here he shares his thoughts on the Liverpool 8 Uprisings and their significance. To read the articles click the images or links below.



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