Open House with Guleraana Mir

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Open House Workshare with Guleraana Mir

Need some feedback or guidance on your latest piece? Feeling a bit stuck at a dead end with your current writing? Maybe you’re not stuck, but you’ve got a piece of work you’re proud of and want to share. Come read your work with us and get feedback! Writer’s Bloc Open House Workshare is an open-mic opportunity for you to read your work-in-progress with a group of like-minded writers. Sign up now and bring your work to the session to help develop your work and get some outside eyes on what you’re developing.

Prepare a short reading of 3-4 mins of any kind of writing, read it to the group and get their feedback and thoughts on your work. This is an opportunity to create some community and offer bespoke guidance for your work. Feedback will be offered by fellow participants, our current Writer on the Bloc, Guleraana, and WoW Staff.

Date: Tuesday 25th January

Time: 6pm

Price: Free

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